Grain Collecting and Bagging Machine

  • self-propelled grain collecting and bagging machine
self-propelled grain collecting and bagging machine

self-propelled grain collecting and bagging machine

JZ-200S self-propelled grain collecting and bagging machine is used for collecting and bagging the grain after dry in the sun,adopting the latest R & D technology.

It is an ideal product in automatic collecting, bagging and cleaning of grain crops dried in the sun, and is also used in the tedding of the grain in the sun.

The machine collects grain with a screw, transmits and bags with a belt scraper and a conveyor tube, and cleans and collects the scattered grain after collection with a cleaning brush.

The machine is widely used in the collecting and bagging operations of rice, corn, wheat, rapeseed, soybeans and other granular food crops.

It is simple operation, high efficiency, low fuel consumption, light weight and no pollution. It can also move automatically, greatly reducing the operator's labor intensity.


The main parameters


Supporting power:170F gasoline engine

Min.specific fuel consumption:394g/KW.h

Work efficiency:5000-7000Kg/h

Gather the Max. Width:100cm

Driving mode:micro-tillage machine centrifugal clutch + double worm gear reducer + Angle transmission gear box

Walking mode:self-walking

Auxiliary functions:folding type (divided into working position, manual pushing position and folding position)


Total weight:95KG

Wooden packing:132*112*60cm 95/110KG

Loading:32 sets/20" container

               72 sets/40" container


Warm Prompt

Observe the window when the grain is loaded to 70%. When the grain is loaded to 70%, please stop moving and idle for 3 seconds to finish the residual grain in the transmission tube and keep the conveying tube smooth!


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